Agile Scrum


Agile Scrum quick Reference - 'Project Management Flow'


Project Management process flow, scrum methodology, formulas and glossary. Organize your business projects now!

Available for download on following platforms:


It can be used as a memory refreshing tool by a seasoned project management professional or as a simple, basic and brief instruction set for accomplishing a specific task by a novice project manager.

The main application is divided into 3 main modules:

1. Agile
The Agile module gives high-level overview of following :
•    Agile Overview
•    Agility
•    Manifesto
•    Risk
•    Project Success
•    Methodology

2. Scrum
The Scrum module gives high-level overview of following :
•    Scrum Overview
•    Risks
•    Tasks
•    Artifacts
•    Sprint
•    Estimation
•    Terminology
3. Glossary
•    This module is a handy list of very useful formulas, terminologies mostly used by agile project managers in their daily duties using scrum methodology.

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